Rosana Bonilla

Sales Associate | REALTOR®
Mobile: 863-263-7810 | Email: [email protected]

About Me

Home ownership has always been a dream of mine, and when I accomplished it myself, I could let that great feeling last forever. I know the determination and sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when purchasing a home. I also know how important it is to find the right home which is why I am very detail oriented and organized to take all your needs into consideration so that I can match you with your perfect home.

Not ready to buy a home? That’s OK too! Together we can work on a plan that can lead you to home ownership and, in the meantime, I can assist you with locating the perfect rental property that you can call home for now.

My background is in design and photography, of which I apply to my work in real estate in many ways. If you’re selling your home, I can take professional high-quality photos and offer slight design suggestions that can help you stage and sell quicker! If you’re buying a home, I can see designs and elements that are not yet created which is a great help to my customers to get ideas of how they can change a space and make it their own.

Let’s enjoy the way home together – contact me now for a meet and greet.

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